ONA House of Delegates Recent Resolutions

Posted over 1 year ago

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At the 2019 ONA House of Delegates, ONA Members came together to establish policy, strategic oversight and ensure alignment. During this time, the board of directors and association staff provided an annual update and membership report. Delegates were actively involved in key discussion on issues impacting both the association and the industry including   visibility of nurses in the media, promoting a culture of safety and expansion of membership to include a new membership option. As part of discussion, a Hack-a-thon was conducted to gather ideas on ways for Oklahoma nurses to be more visible in the media.  This activity and discussion resulted in the identification of innovative solutions for consideration. Several of the ideas included a focus on social media and media training. ONA will provide more information once we’ve had a chance to investigate and thoughtfully consider all the ideas/solutions that were identified; stay tuned for future updates. 

During this time, the Delegates approved a reduced membership rate for new members. It is our hope that this will provide an affordable membership option for those wanting to be both ONA /ANA members. The new ONA/ANA Standard Membership Rate begins March 1, 2020 and provides a reduced annual rate of $174 or $15 per month for new members. Current members paying the current higher rate will be elevated to Premier Membership status and will receive additional membership benefits. 

Lastly, the HOD considered the Resolution on Culture of Safety; which was unanimously accepted without any opposition.  This resolution sets the position of the association to include:

That the Oklahoma Nurses Association encourages all health care employers of nurses across all settings, including practice, academia, and research, along with other related organizations utilizing nurses to build a Culture of Safety within their organizations, that includes:

  1. Involvement of nurses providing direct patient care in developing a culture of safety environment,
  2. Fostering a culture of trust, reporting and learning,
  3. Building a work environment that enables nurses to provide safe, quality care,
  4. Commitment and Communication on the priority of patient and workforce safety,
  5. Implementing safe and proactive environments and systems to reduce errors, while addressing human factors and just culture
  6. Providing active and timely support and protections for nurses experiencing second victim in response to medical errors and adverse events to support to address the recovery process
  7. Utilization of ONA’s workplace advocacy materials such as the Concern for Assignment Form and ONA’s position statements.

And, that the ONA educate nurses about the benefits, rewards, and positive gains of creating and working in a Culture of Safety along with providing resources in all publications on Building a Culture of Safety.