Networks of Support: Connecting with Oklahoma Nurses

Posted 10 days ago

To the Rockstar Nurses of ONA,


We understand the rapid pace and uncertain days our nurses are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. ONA needs to be a resource for our members, and just sending out another article related to the crisis wouldn’t do you justice. So, in light of our situation, we’re hosting a “virtual meet-up” for Oklahoma nurses on Monday, March 23 at 4 PM (CST).


This will be an open forum, facilitated by ONA leadership, allowing you to share stories, resources and experiences you’ve gone through with fellow nurse colleagues across Oklahoma. This forum will be limited to the first 100 participants logged into the conversation.  


We’ll have the critical topics ready for discussion, but PLEASE feel free to share the experiences you’re facing during these sessions; these topics can range from things you’re seeing with patients and care, to home life, kids and more. We also encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues in the field – this is not limited to our membership; we’ll have Facebook promotions and information on our website for you to share. 


ONA will also be compiling resources and articles for our members and post them on our communications channels. We encourage you to bring any resources (articles, listings, activities for kids, etc.) to be included.  


You can access this online session during its scheduled time here:


Networks of Support: Connecting Oklahoma Nurses

Monday, March 23 | 4:00 PM (CST)

The session will only be available at its scheduled time. 

Access the session here:


We look forward to seeing you all at the virtual meet-ups. We want you to know that ONA is here for you during this trying time. Our nurses are some of the strongest and most resilient people in the world, and we’ll get through this together!