Georgetown Coaching Project - Up to 3 hours FREE

Posted almost 2 years ago

Need Help…especially in the area of Leadership or Guidance?  Check out this Coaching opportunity from the Leadership Support Network!


Sign up directly at our Leadership Support Network website (short survey form: about 5 minutes or less)

The Leadership Support Network (LSN), a project the Georgetown Coaching Community and its Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) is providing a gift of leadership support at no cost to you and your colleagues who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means up to three (3) hours of coaching per individual client at no cost.


This project is inspired by the courage and commitment of our healthcare and community service leaders during this trying time. The volunteer coaches, consultants, and facilitators offering their skills to healthcare and community leaders are trained to help individuals navigate the volatility, complexity, and ambiguity of these unprecedented times, addressing questions such as:


  • How can I support my team through stress and uncertainty?
  • What can I do to remain grounded and prevent my own burn-out?
  • How do I prepare my organization for the long-term implications of the changes this crisis is bringing?


The Leadership Support Network’s laser-focused approach aims to provide stabilizing support for individuals and teams through services such as:


  • Leadership coaching to address questions of management, vision, change
  • Health/wellness coaching to focus on individual self-care
  • Facilitation to provide neutral space for open problem-solving
  • Diversity and inclusion expertise to consider the implications of equity issues


This is purely an offer of leadership support, free of charge.. The offer of support is based on our shared values of service to others with attention to the unique needs of each person. We are honored to be of service to you in this moment of need. 


Sign up directly at our Leadership Support Network website (short survey form: about 5 minutes or less)