OKDHS Launches Statewide Campaign

Posted over 1 year ago

Have you heard?

Every day in Oklahoma, children enter the foster care system through no fault of their own. Each child needs the love and support that only a family can provide, as well as help to process the trauma they have experienced.  

OKDHS is launching a statewide campaign to find loving, open-minded families for the Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program. The TFC program assists school-aged children with unique life experiences that require enhanced patience, acceptance and an understanding of each child’s individual needs. Many of these children have developed survival skills in response to an unmet need. By placing children in loving homes, the program offers a meaningful opportunity for hope and healing.

With your help, this message can be spread even further than we can accomplish on our own.

A drop in the pond can send a ripple effect far and wide, reaching every edge. In the same way, your help can get our message to the far corners of our state where the right family or individual adult may be waiting for an opportunity to make a meaningful change in their community. The future of Oklahoma starts with our children, but especially those with adverse childhood experiences in need of hope. The right family can lead a child through a transformation that can redefine their future, and in turn, our state’s future.

Please lookout for a toolkit being sent your way with pre-written content for you to use on your website, blog, social media, and more. No work needed; just hit send. Your support will help children in need of TFC find the hope and healing they need and diminish the notion that a child’s troubled past predetermines a troubled future.