Two Appointment Opportunities to Serve on the Board of Nursing for RN - Nursing Educator and APRN

Posted about 1 month ago

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing has announced an opportunity for a Registered Nurse and APRN to serve a 5-year term on the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.  The criteria for the RN appointment require one to be in the field of nursing education at a recognize Oklahoma school of nursing, holding an organizational role in administration/management and is accountable for strategic, operational and/or performance outcomes. The criteria for the APRN position require one to be currently practicing.  Both positions require the following: you must be licensed in Oklahoma in good standing, have no less than five years of experience, be a US Citizen and a resident of Oklahoma for at least three years, meet the time requirements and live in either District 1, 2, 5 or 7 designated geographic districts.   

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2021 Appointment Criteria to Oklahoma Board of Nursing