2021 Nurses Month Recognition of Heather Spiegel, RN, MSN

Posted about 1 month ago

In honor of 2021 Nurses week, we are recognizing our nurses!

Heather Spiegel, RN, MSN was nominated by Gina Bullock, RN, MSN, DON.

"Heather has taught nursing since 2008.She received the President's Excellence in Teaching Award in 2020. She was recognized as one of the top 100 nurses in the state of Oklahoma by the Great 100 Nurses Foundation.

Professor of Nursing, Heather Spiegel is an integral part of the 2nd year nursing program. She teaches a variety of topics while teaching Physical and Mental Illness 1 & 2. She is also currently teaching OLS-Nursing, Math for Meds, Nursing Leadership, and Global Humanities Denmark. Heather was a key part of the integration of online nursing courses as well. She is the sole clinical instructor for all mental health clinicals for all three campuses. The students attend clinical with her at a Mental Health locked unit during their sophomore year.

As an alumna of EOSC Nursing, Heather began her employment with EOSC in 2008. She is tenured and has represented the nursing division on several committees over the years. Currently, Heather is the Nursing Sophomore Coordinator, is on the Nursing Library Committee, Nursing Admission Committee, Nursing Curriculum Committee, EOSC Assessment Sub-Committee--Critical Thinking, the Health and Wellness Task Force, HLC committee, and Distance Learning Committee. Presently she is the lead instructor for Eastern's study abroad program in Denmark. Heather also plays a vital role in assisting the Director of Nursing in complying with continuous accreditation through the OK State Board of Nursing and ACEN through maintaining statistics for the program as well as nursing alumni relations. Along with assisting the director, Heather is also part of the orientation process for new and adjunct faculty year around. Along with her required Sophomore level Nursing courses, Heather teaches OLS-Nursing, Math for Meds, Nursing Leadership, and Global Humanities Denmark as overload. As part of the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA), Heather attends the annual conference with the students as the faculty sponsor each year.

Heather is very creative in maintaining the students’ attention during lectures. On top of the vast knowledge she carries, she is also very good at using her experiences as examples of real life nursing. The stories and examples of caring make big impacts on students. The students love her humor and her dancing. She also incorporates Zoom into lectures and into the clinical simulation lab setting.

Heather is also part of the orientation process for new and adjunct faculty year around. She serves as a preceptor and mentor to BSN and Masters nursing students that are pursuing higher education in the field of nursing. As an alumna of EOSC she can share her personal journey at Eastern to students and is connected throughout the institution and community enough to help students get plugged in. Faculty and students recognize her as making a meaningful and lasting contribution to humanity, to the profession of nursing, and as a mentor to others. Heather has a student in her office basically every time the door is open. She is willing to help students at all levels. Her passion for nursing and for EOSC is exhibited in how much she interacts with students outside the classroom. Students know they can come to her for help in schedule planning, advisement, life choices, or even for a shoulder to cry on."