Mental Health Symposium: “Crisis Care in Oklahoma: Caring for the Suicidal Adolescent”

Posted 11 days ago

As a result of the increasing pediatric mental health crisis we have been observing across our emergency departments and across the state, the INTEGRIS Health Behavioral Health Clinical Program determined it was necessary to develop an immediate call to action in our community. On June 21st INTEGRIS Health will be sponsoring a symposium in partnership with NorthCare entitled “Crisis Care in Oklahoma: Caring for the Suicidal Adolescent” at the  Embassy Suites across from NW Expressway. Breakfast and lunch provided starting at 8 ending at 2. 

There are multiple goals for this symposium:

  • Establish collaborative relationships among key stakeholders in the community that contribute to an adolescent’s mental health (hospital systems, school systems, individual providers, community clinics etc.)

  • Identify resources/services and conduct current state analysis for workflows related to treating the suicidal adolescent 

  • Clearly define best practice 

  • Standardize assessments across settings 

  • Develop standardized care pathways based on diagnosis, level of risk, payer source, point of access into the system etc. 


From the symposium, work groups will be formed and the large body will reconvene in late September/early October to review produced work from the workgroups. 


The vision for these symposiums is for them to be held on a biannual basis to address the state of mental health crises in Oklahoma and to promote collaboration and standardization of evidence based practice in order to improve access to quality crisis care across our community.  I hope you will consider joining us.

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