ONA & OONE Joint Statement - Tulsa Shooting

Posted 4 months ago

The Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) and the Oklahoma Organization of Nurse Executives (OONE) mourn the loss of Dr. Preston Phillips, Dr. Stephanie Husen, Amanda Glenn, and William Love along with their families, friends and coworkers. To the brave Saint Francis healthcare workers who were caring for patients and protecting them from harm during the active shooter event on June 1, we support you during your healing and recovery. Nobody should come to work expecting such attacks, yet we continue to see an increase in brutal assaults against our healthcare workers. We cannot allow violence such as this to become the new normal. 


We must work together to protect our nurses and other health care workers by implementing policies and practices to prevent and mitigate violence. ONA and OONE have long advocated for reducing violence in healthcare settings. We’ve worked successfully with the Oklahoma Legislature to reduce violence in health care settings by increasing penalties for those individuals who assault nurses and other health care workers.